56455 - The unbelievable fight

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Myrsini: Is it not unbelievable though!

Lampito: What is?

Myrsini: For us to be forced to abstain in order for them to understand that they have to put on masks.

Lampito: Isn’t that what life is like with men! They think from bottom to top.

Myrsini: Whereas us from top to bottom!

Lampito: That is why there is no coordination.

Myrsini: Do you reckon this is an explanation for psalm lxix΄.

Lampito: Through another system then…

Myrsini: Maybe.

Lampito: In any case we now know that the male brain is spelled with a p.

Myrrini: We had to live through that as well!

Lampito: We will live through much more with them.

Myrsini: What matters is that we always manage to get by.

Lampito: And in the end we do what we want to do.

Myrsini: They put on the masks nevertheless .

Lampito: What it comes down to, is that they are more afraid of going without sex than dying.

Myrsini: Now that you mention it…

Lampito: We have to keep that in mind.

Myrsini: We ought to think of everything.

Lampito: They are thinking of their two, whereas we are thinking for two!