5656 - How to forget genocide

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Keira: How to forget genocide?
Evi: Does this question exist?
Keira: The result exists.
Evi: Did you talk with the Master?
Keira: I had to…
Evi: Surely.
Keira: I wanted to understand.
Evi: The unthinkable?
Keira: How they could forget our Pontus.
Evi: They didn’t know that it exists.
Keira: No one sang about it any longer.
Evi: Dancing was the memory of the move.
Keira: And the five moves.
Evi: One silence.
Keira: You had to talk.
Evi: I couldn’t play the role.
Keira: I know.
Evi: But then?
Keira: Disciples do whatever they cannot.
Evi: I hadn’t realized it then.
Keira: But now you feel it, aren’t you?
Evi: You’re right.
Keira: That’s it.
Evi: The Master doesn’t give many chances.
Keira: One but it’s unique.
Evi: I’ll remember this.
Keira: He doesn’t forget.
Evi: Have you ever gone to the desert with him?
Keira: Only to the sea.
Evi: To the occupied one?
Keira: To the liberated one as well.
Evi: Yesterday we went to the desert.
Keira: Yesterday?
Evi: It was a dream…
Keira: A vision rather…
Evi: But how is this possible?
Keira: Don’t look at the distance…
Evi: But at what then?
Keira: At the need… Only at the need.