5702 - The lies of society

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

Pupil: Why do lies exist?
Master: Because they give more margins.
Pupil: Are they more powerful than the truth?
Master: No but they are wider.
Pupil: How come?
Master: Truth has depth and …
Pupil: And?
Master: It is unique. While a lie is a manifold.
Pupil: Is this the reason why society chooses it?
Master: It cannot live with the truth.
Pupil: The mass needs the lie otherwise it cannot stand itself.
Master: Who can?
Pupil: The men?
Master: No.
Pupil: The masters?
Master: The masters have no self!
Pupil: Who is their self?
Master: The others.
Pupil: How is it possible?
Master: Through humanity.
Pupil: Is this why society hates them?
Master: In society the others do not exist.
Pupil: Then who does?
Master: Themselves, because they believe that the others is hell.