58137 - In the atelier

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Model: Should I sit here? Silence. Down? Time. Would you prefer upon the couch… It will be easier for me… Oh, now I understand that you do not want me to get hurt or get cold on the floor. . . I thank you… What? Time. There is no need? Time. In any case I did say it! Time. How should I sit? On my back? I do not understand. What exactly do you want? Oh, right? Okay, that’s easy. Time. Easier than I ever thought. Silence. Do I keep them too tight? Time. More gently then… Like that? Time. I think I got it right now… Silence. For how long will I be like this? Ok then, I will see… Do you like my calves? Are they beautiful? And my thighs? Time. You don’t say anything at all… You have already started? I thought you would have warn me… Time. I am sorry, I will not move again… Until the end… At least I will try. Silence. Is the spectacle beautiful? Time. Because I can not imagine how I am, how I look. Time. As long as it’s elegant… and tender. I am not interested about what society may say… It is your glance I see, your glance I feel and nothing else. Silence. You know I would have never thought of sitting like that. Time. And now I observe the world differently. As if it were the beginning… An inner world which I did not suspect that existed. Yet again it is here. . . Besides me… Within me… and only you will record it… In order for it to belong to your works. So that I may belong to Humanity as well. Time. I did not know that this was achievable… Yet again reality surpassed my imagination.