58138 - The colours of the body

Ν. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Model: Will you merely do the outline? Silence. No? Even better! Time. I wanted to ask that of you… But I did not know if I ought to… Nor if I had the right tο… Time. You did it yourself for me…
Finally I am even happier that way… The nude wants colours as well.. . Colourless the body is merely a body… Silence. Did I surprise you? Time. Now, I see that you are smiling. I am glad that you have chosen a pose which allows me to see you simultaneously, at the time you are painting. Time. Whereas I assumed that it would be odd for me to talk to you, during the time that your work comes to life, I now see that it is humane. Time. Most probably I had never imagined how humane it is. Silence. You do not merely paint the spectacle . . . You feel it . . .I see it now… Time. You don’t merely see calves, thighs, an arse and a cunt. . . I understand it now… You explore nudity in your own way and you make it more humane. It is the beauty of the truth that you paint for Humanity beyond any society of hypocrisy.