58139 - The sweet of life

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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Model: What are you doing? Silence. You brought sweets? Time. And do you think that I will resist? So what’s your assumption about me? Time. But can I eat sweets while you are painting? Truly? I don’t believe it! This is the first time a painter does this with his model! Silence. Not only do you let me talk and it does not bother you, but we are also sharing the sweet of life. Silence. The sweet of the spectacle and the spectacle of the sweet. Time. I didn’t know that you liked sweets… I love them as well. . . After all, confectionery is an art as well, and one that you can taste in fact. Time. And now that we are like that in the atelier and we are sharing the same sweet, I can see how humane this is also. Silence. It’s not merely a sweet after all… But substance of joy. . . Your smile is even sweeter. You have a little cream upon your beard… Time. I am telling you the truth! Oh, I understand, It doesn’t bother you, you continue your work unstoppable, relentless. Time. What we do together is the genuine pleasure. But who will believe it when they see your design… The issue is multiple, may everyone see what they can. You do not set any restraints. I am glad. But are you already finished?