58180 - I want…

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Kyriaki: I want… silence. I want … Time Just wait on… Time. I can not think so fast… Since you do for me all I want, I have to think myself of what I should ask for, or rather what I want. . . So I was saying then… What was I saying? But I did not say anything after all… Time. I want to be happy, to be emotionally moved, to cry… Not artificially however. . . I do not want lies nor work of fiction, I want pieces of life that when others hear about them to be able to surpass their imagination. Time. To be able to understand them though. Oh yes!Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. . . You agree, isn’t that right… Silence. On my side I will read The Miracle, and most probably I will watch the film Politiki Cuisine again… Time. I am aware that they have changed the final script due to censorship. I quite simply want to be sure of what I remember… I can not bear to suffer like you, but I would like to do so just a little, in order to become more humane, so as to be able to see better the depth of your love for Humanity. Silence. I want to stand. . .Yes, yes, I got it now. . . I want to stand on your shoulders in order to observe the beauty of the world, without bothering you though, so that you can keep on fighting for us.