58311 - The barbaric dogma

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Master: Why aren’t you speaking Disciple?
Disciple: About what Master?
Master: About faith.
Disciple: What should I say?
Master: The truth.
Disciple: For so many years I thought I was serving faith…
Master: And now?
Disciple: I can now see how dogmatic I was. In fact, I was always talking about religion… Never about faith…
Master: And how do you explain your suicide attempts in the past?
Disciple: I suffered unbearably and no religion was able to comfort me…
Master: Faith though…
Disciple: Yes, I know. Now it’s quite clear… But I still have a lot of hung ups.
Master: For what reason?
Disciple: Probably in order to protect myself.
Master: From what? By whom;
Disciple: From the truth. From me.
Master: You are not alone anymore…
Disciple: I did feel it, but it is difficult to let go of all these weights.
Master: It is possible though. And that is what matters.