58345 - The expansion of the coastal zone

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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For the first time since 1947, Greece is becoming greater through the expansion of the coastal zone from 6NM to 12NM.
Therefore, following the signing of the EastMed pipeline, the EEZ delimitation with Italy and the partial EEZ delimitation with Egypt, we’ve reached a tangible result regarding the issue of the Greek sovereignty.
All that, on account of the allied network we have built both within the European Union and within NATO as well.
In this manner we’ve disarmed Turkey’s casus belli argument, because we’ve shielded the national course so as to be resistant to the attacks of the Turkish propaganda.
It does not merely constitute a symbolic action, but a practical one as well, since it is indicative of the strategic mental scheme for our course in regards to Crete as well, but for the entire territory generally, and this is proved by the first article of the bill regarding the expansion.
We finally have made a historic step which many have been waiting for.
And this step takes place without a strategic mistake, since the frontal confrontation of the matter was resolved laterally and effectively without dangerous moves.
It is yet another proof that our National Strategy obtains scope.