58644 - The question

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: Isn’t proper for a monument dedicated to the Revolution of ’21 to exist?

Master: It is and not merely due to the Anniversary.

Disciple: Then I would like for us to help people who want it.

Master: It would be our joy and honour.

Disciple: So should I give them a positive answer?

Master: But had we received a question?

Disciple: Of course.

Master: Disciple…

Disciple: I wanted to be sure…

Master: About our answer?

Disciple: Exactly.

Master: But did you think that we would be indifferent?

Disciple: I did not want it to seem like a fashion.

Master: But it is not. For us, the Anniversary also constitutes the stigma of continuity.

Disciple: This is what I had imagined but I did not dare to…

Master: You did dare now.

Disciple: And I can see that I acted wisely.

Master: Therefore do not delay the process longer.

Disciple: Who can stop me now, Master!

Master: I’m so glad for you, Disciple.

Disciple: I’m glad as well for helping the aid.