58734 - Slangy Dialogue

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Master: Why do you swear all the time?
Masatos: Which dickhead told you that I swear?
Master: Nobody. . . I noticed it myself…
Masatos: Surely it wasn’t Sotirakis the arsehole who told you?
Master: No. . It’s me alone asking you the question.
Masatos: What the fuck, if the Master thinks likewise as well, it must mean something…
Master: That’s why we are talking about it.
Masatos: I don’t know which son of a bitch has put these words in my mouth… I merely express myself Master.
Master: I probably haven’t been understood… Silence. It does not bother me, although sometimes I lose the meaning of what you are saying. Besides, I pay more attention to your actions… Wasn’t it you who saved Sotirakis so many times?
Masatos: I feel sorry for the poor bugger. Deep down he is a good soul.
Master: Aren’t you a large soul after all?
Masatos: Now Master, you really fucked me up.. .You know it as well. . . Time.
Master: I do not want for your soul to be lost.