58862 - The Treaty of Constantinople of 1832

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vasiliki Baklesi

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It isn’t only the Treaty of London of 1827 that is fundamental for the intervention of the Great Powers for the survival of the National Revolution which was in serious risk after 1826, but also the Treaty of Constantinople of 1832 which will allow in essence the birth of the Greek State. This way we have the implementation of the Revolution of ‘21 and the Independence of ‘22, in 1832 thanks to this Treaty which will make reference in its Articles to the State, the Government and even the King of Greece, while the latter doesn’t even exist as an institution. This is what converted the question of Greece into an issue which has a solution, thanks to the indemnity that is given to the Ottoman Empire. The Treaty of Constantinople is an example of diplomacy which exploits strategy to create smart history through the upgraded history which liberates the Greeks from the Turkish yoke. It is also a proof of Turkish behavior after its defeat in the war of Russia since it chooses the financial indemnity to leave the first occupied regions of Greece.