59034 - The preparation of the study

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: Will we see Bach’s score together?

Master: We will begin the preparation the study…

Disciple: Meaning?

Master: We will find the basic points… Time. The consistent ones if you like… Silence.

Disciple: Shall we see an example?

Master: Look at this note in these measures.

Disciple: It is the same…

Master: And not only that. Around it I will create a scale… And an oscillation…

Disciple: The prior and the after…

Master: The deep and the high…

Disciple: It’s more beautiful that way.

Master: Look at this staccato as well.

Disciple: The double one?

Master: Yes and see how it returns.

Disciple: How would I pay attention to these points.

Master: With passion and love.

Disciple: Respect is not enough…

Master: He requires the hypersupport of the Teaching.

Disciple: I see it practically.

Master: See the sol as well…

Disciple: That one?

Master: And the next one… It obtains polycyclicity.