59036 - The book about the Revolution

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: Could we be able write a book about the Revolution?
Master: Of course… What exactly do you want?
Disciple: I want for the poems to exist.
Master: That is not difficult.
Disciple: To include the revolutionary scores as well.
Master: Consider it done.
Disciple: And I want for the strategic thinking which analyzes the historic events to be obvious.
Master: The interpretation?
Disciple: No, no.
Master: Something deeper then.
Disciple: Yes. I do not want what we learn and teach in schools, I want the other.
Master: Both profoundness and polycyclicity.
Disciple: Yes! Exactly!
Master: With a high strategy?
Disciple: Is it possible?
Master: Whatever you want… Anything else?
Disciple: Can I?
Master: Of course…
Disciple: Then, for it to be enjoyable for those who know.
Master: Free therefore! When do we start?
Disciple: Yesterday.