59105 - The Liberation of Cyprus

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The Liberation of Cyprus remains our vision and especially now with the utilization of the EEZ tool. Nobody has the right to degrade or degenerate this goal. Because the barbarism of the 1974 Turkish invasion and the occupation which continues up until today, is unacceptable for all those who obtain human values. Consequently those who are trying to promote compromising solutions, and in fact without the utilization of the EEZ, they follow a form of servility which is no longer permissible. And especially if those have served in the Armed Forces, as they ought to know how great the value regarding the struggle for the liberation of Cyprus is. Nobody is able to accept the existence of the occupied territories, which are illegal through two UN resolutions. There is no need for us to listen to any rhetoric which aims to justify the situation. We have not forgotten for a moment the missing people, the trapped ones, and the refugees, and we are not going to accept the settlement which is an act of barbarism.Consequently we continue the struggle toward the liberation at all levels, from the missions to the occupied territories, to the utilization of the Cypriot EEZ within the context of the Eastern Mediterranean and of the European Union.