59143 - The first word

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: I wanted to tell you something personal.
Master: Tell me.
Disciple: I wanted to tell you that my soul rejoiced.
Master: Would you like to tell me within what context?
Disciple: It is concerning abuse.
Master: Have you suffered an act of barbarism?
Disciple: Yes.
Master: At home…
Disciple: Yes.
Master: Psychological pressure…
Disciple: Yes.
Master: And…
Disciple: Yes.
Master: You did well telling me about it.
Disciple: Is this so?
Master: You are not alone.
Disciple: I do not want to speak.
Master: There is no rush.
Disciple: I have been waiting for years.
Master: You made the first step.
Disciple: Really?
Master: Of course.
Disciple: I am much happier now.
Master: Do not forget that you are of Humanity.