59197 - Regarding common sense of Justice

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Martha: I ought to talk to you…
Athena: Here?
Martha: Wherever you want…
Athena: Here then.
Martha: Okay.
Athena: Can I help?
Martha: I am wondering…
Athena: There is a possibility therefore…
Martha: Yes… We always say that it is better to let a guilty person free than to imprison an innocent one.
Athena: We do say it and I believe it.
Martha: But what happens with one who’s unjustly dealt with?
Athena: He should suffer no more injustice.
Martha: That’s what I was thinking of…
Athena: But?
Martha: If he is guilty?
Athena: Guilty in what sense?
Martha: He is not a criminal…
Athena: Should I be alarmed?
Martha: Do you get alarmed?
Athena: I mean for you…
Martha: No.
Athena: But that is not the issue…
Martha: Right, that’s not the only one.
Athena: Another case is involved.
Martha: Not exactly.
Athena: Do you want to tell me something else?
Martha: I do not know yet if I ought to
Athena: What matters is if it is what’s proper.
Martha: I know…
Athena: We pro of Justice.
Martha: And Justice?
Athena: It is a characteristic of Hellenism.
Martha: So it exists…
Athena: Socrates proved it.
Martha: But he was convicted…
Athena: He had no choice… He had to remain faithful to the works.
Martha: He was not saved however.
Athena: He saved the work…
Martha: And if there is merely life.
Athena: Then he will be lost.
Martha: He ought to be saved then.
Athena: This is our duty.
Martha: The criminal as well?
Athena: This is our assumption.
Martha: I know.
Athena: But we always protect the innocent.
Martha: That’s what I want…