59441 - Abused Soul

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: I’m not well…
Master: What happened?
Disciple: I remembered the past…
Master: This is not a bad thing in itself.
Disciple: I tried a lot to forget my experience.
Master: You mean when you were little .
Disciple: Yes, it was then.
Master: Do you want to talk?
Disciple: That’s what I think…
Master: Is this concerning abuse?
Disciple: Yes.
Master: In a close circle?
Disciple: Yes, where there was supposed to be absolute confidence.
Master: This “supposed” is dangerous.
Disciple: I understood it later on…
Master: Many years ago?
Disciple: Decades.
Master: Did something happen recently?
Disciple: Yes, the day before yesterday. . . I realized that my entire life is going wrong…
Master: It is going now or it always did?
Disciple: It always did, but only now can I see it.
Master: Do you mean after the Teaching?
Disciple: Yes, that’s how it happened.
Master: Your soul has begun to be liberated.
Disciple: From the social shackles.
Master: The institutional ones as well.
Disciple: And if you think that I was covering for him for so many years because I did not say anything.
Master: But you do speak now. This is what’s important.
Disciple: Really?
Master: Of course! And now that you are opening up yourself you will enhance others…
Disciple: But I could not even protect myself.
Master: Now however you are a Disciple and you are protecting others.