59442 - The liberation of the soul

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

Disciple: Now I could talk to others as well.
Master: I’m glad, Disciple.
Disciple: I also want to protect future victims in my own way.
Master: That is a good thing.
Disciple: But I do not know how to begin.
Master: By starting with me.
Disciple: Things are different with you.
Master: Then utilize it… Talk to your co disciples, they are the people closest to you.
Disciple: It’s the same with me! The family…
Master: The biological one…
Disciple: Yes, that.
Master: It will be difficult for it to be activated because it would have to admit that for so many years they did not understand anything at all, or even worse that it did not want to understand and it decided not to see what was happening.
Disciple: I already realized that.
Master: You ought to talk to other people in charge in order for them to become aware of what happened, so as to protect the next ones.
Disciple: He told me he doesn’t do that anymore.
Master: That’s what he told you…
Disciple: I know that does not mean that he doesn’t anyway.
Master: Your soul has to do what’s proper. That is the only thing that matters.