6034 - Drone and solar approach of the Aegean Sea

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

Due to the artificial crisis we have ended up assuming that the security of the Aegean Sea is at risk. We have ended up doubting our credibility due to the economy. In reality, crises are opportunities for thinking in a non-linear fashion. The Aegean Sea is not the weak point of Greece but the most robust, along with its mountains. Had it been a plain, its control would be even harder in the defense sense. The Aegean Sea has big dimensions for Greek facts and it constitutes a peculiarity which protects us from level and powerful attacks. The problem is not the Aegean Sea but instead its strategic management. And this is not economic but operational due to a structure without a substrate. If we examine the problem linearly, we have the impression that there is no economic solution. If we study though the Aegean Sea topostrategically and we realize its grid nature, then we can resolve the problem in an economic and effective way. Our homeland is what is distinguished between the sun and the sea. In consequence, the drone and solar approach of the Aegean Sea is most natural. In earlier times this solution would not only have been radical but also utopic. While now, technology allows this achievement even with solar system.
Recently the Zephyr, which weighs only 50kg with a length of 22.5m, remained in flight for 14 days. The impressive part is not that this constitutes a world record but that it has the capacity to recharge its lithium batteries in order to fly even at night. This example points out a direction for research that has direct applications on the Aegean Sea. This means that the solution of the initial problem is a matter of choices and initiatives. We must not however remain only in this example but nobody can henceforth doubt its existence. It is no longer a utopia, the energy of the sun in this new field of action. The drone and solar approach of the Aegean Sea offers many possibilities and not just on a static level. Use is a matter of will.