6068 - EEZ, European framework and Voronoi diagrams

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

The EEZ is not a utopia. Cyprus proved this by signing bilateral agreements with Egypt and Lebanon, both non EU member countries. And it accomplished these agreements, even though it is a state which has been invaded and is still now under occupation. However, we should not forget that the attainment of the goal took place within the European framework, after Cyprus EU membership in 2004. Approaching the EEZ problem was exemplary. Since there was a serious implication with Turkey, Cyprus behaved by using maneuvers and not combinations, to avoid military sacrifice, which would bring about repercussions to the political framework. The Greek case is similar and even better, because there is no military implication. Greece belongs to the European Union since 1981, Italy since 1957 and Cyprus, as already mentioned, since 2004. All three countries are members of the Euro zone as well and they implement the Schengen Treaty. Consequently, nothing can block them as regards the EEZ, since this will entirely be in the European Union framework. As regards the Southern part of Greece, the EEZ has common points with Libya and Egypt, which do not see us negatively. Significance of these interstate agreements is displayed by the entire structure coherence, not only of the European framework one, but also of the Mediterranean one as well, the latter being increasingly strengthened. Topostrategy through Voronoi diagrams indicates the high strategy action field in the Mediterranean space. Going beyond as regards coherence, we realize the positivity of our contact with Malta. Therefore, we may not see the EEZ necessity, due to lacking in view, because of the sea, but dynamic maps exist and Voronoi diagrams through mathematics have no one to come into conflicts with, to convince those who are even neutral or indifferent. The framework, the field and the action field are ready for being brought to the negotiating table, not for being compromised, though. For, agreements on EEZ are not compromises, but high level synergies. The game is up to the players now. The late President Papadopoulos made his mark with Cyprus. And it is at this level that political leaders’ worthiness is shown.