610 - Colonization as a strategic objective

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

With the new political realities, it’s no longer wise to observe the colonization issue as a human rights situation. We must examine it strategically as well. If we really want to help our own who are enclaved, we should not address the issue of colonization negatively and passively. When there is pressure applied on a weak point, in order to restructure the situation, we can aid the point, and turn down the intensity of the pressure.
For strategic reasons, the occupational regime has surrounded Rizokarpaso with settlers, so that our own people are completely isolated. In a local context, the occupying mayor derives from the political party of the settlers. And more generally, in the occupied territories, we know that the settlers constitute an important electoral weapon for the occupational regime, but not just that alone. Because, with the following “elections”, pressure will be applied by all parties onto the settlers, in order to obtain a percentage.
We all know that, the occupational regime uses the settlers to reform the population rates, considering that the Turkish Cypriots are not Turkish enough.
We must, therefore, also actively deal with these population dynamics and reverse the data through lateral thinking.
The settlers are not a united group of people, as they contain within Kurdish elements as well, nor to they carry an economic substance.
On the contrary, their existence depends to a large extent on the “goodwill” of the occupational regime.
If we confront them only negatively, according to nationalist reflexes, and without strategy, we will only succeed as a result, letting them transform into extreme opponents.
Whereas, examining the issue strategically and taking appropriate initiatives, we could create a partisan context against the occupational regime.

The settlers for the occupational regime, are merely a means to achieve a certain goal that we are all aware of. For us, the settlers must become a strategic objective in order to create a new instrument to help solve the Cypriot problem. The issue must be addressed, strategically, politically and economically, but also humanly.
The settlers first of all, are people who have been used by the occupational regime in every way, not only as a human shield but also as a weapon.
But the settlers have no vision.
They are aware that they live on a foreign land, which does not belong to them, and that they are functioning accoding to the orders of an illegal regime.
Quite simply, like all people in a state of need, they are fearful.
Consequently, if we want a real progress in the implementation of the liberation of our country, we must carefully consider their problems, in order to negate the weapon of the occupational regime and help practically our occupied territories.
On a multi topical level, the problems exist, but if we address them, we will be able to solve them.
Because, only when we examine all aspects of a problem, we become aware of how to solve it. The aspects of colonization are numerous.
Because the colonization is just a tactical tool solely.
In actual fact however, the colonization does not exist, there are only the settlers.
With them we must make contacts, in order for them to realise, that the real enemy is not the legitimate Cypriot nation, but the occupying regime who took advantage of them all these years, not for the improvement of their own lives but for the prevalence of an illegal state.
The occupational regime, didn’t ever treat the settlers as humans, but just like persons, like numbers
If we now examine the data more creatively, and in a humane manner, we will invalidate them. The settlers are the slaves of the occupational regime, their enemy are not the “free beleaguered”, but those who enslaved them.
This is also our own enemy. The only one exclusively.