6164 - The objective value of the Aegean Sea

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

When we are trying to convince some of our own on the value of the Aegean Sea, we face considerable difficulties for several reasons, which among others are reservation, fear, phobia, submissiveness and servility. Others have problems with the Voronoi diagrams and the Delaunay triangulation due to the cognitive object. And the rest cannot conceive the application of topostrategy on the territory. So we thought that even the simplistic reading of the book of the Foreign Minister of Turkey could assist more effectively all of those. “The Aegean Sea, which is located in a close distance from the three continents and offers the possibility of opening to all three without a land barrier, has in this respect a first class strategic importance not only for Greece but also for Turkey.” On this level, we recognize a total approach, which highlights the crucial and cohesive quality of the Aegean Sea as an entirety, without emphasizing on the islands. We continue the excerpt. “This sea-passage, which possesses a deterministic position in the geopolitic, geostrategic, geoeconomic and geocultural interaction of the Balkan Peninsula with the peninsula of Asia Minor and the Middle East, presents a complex structure in its interior, comprised of thousands of islands, islets and rock islands”. Here we see a strange application of the topologic notion of the triple point of contact and of the topologic notion of balkanization (see Opus), without emphasizing on structure. There is though, a continuity with more details. “The islands of the Aegean Sea, which are classified into six basic groups – the northern Aegean islands, the northern Sporades, the Cyclades, the eastern Aegean, the Dodecanese and the southern Aegean – by forming among them strategic passages, they create strategic sub-axes which increase the overall importance of the Aegean Sea”. On this level we find epiphenomena of the Voronoi diagrams and the Delaunay triangulation, which determine not only the structure but also the relations of the groups. Let us examine though and the conclusion for summing up. “The fact that the overall majority of the islands of the Aegean Sea is under Greek sovereignty, constitutes the most important deadlock of the near sea territorial policy of Turkey”.