6243 - Casus belli, topostrategy and timing

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

The phobias of the Casus belli do not allow the strategic examination of the issue and the lack of strategy eliminates the timing problem. The Casus belli, whether we want it or not, is an attack in the space of mental strategy. And it is based on the mental schema: the best defense is the attack. However this simplistic application cannot confront the following mental schema: the best attack is the counter-attack. Indeed when on our behalf there is a passive attitude, Casus belli can operate even without foundations. While in reality, via topostrategy, the robustness of the Aegean Sea has nothing to fear from such rhetoric. Even if we believe that the mobility around the Casus belli belongs to the domestic consumption of Turkey, now is the right timing to vigorously underline the efforts of Turkey to finally become a democratic state which respects the Sea Law, since it wants to implement it throughout its dominion, not only in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean because we cannot passively allow the Foreign Minister of Turkey to regard the Casus belli as a tool in a negotiation because we do not have anything to give against the lifting of the Casus belli. The lifting is not a correct movement towards Greece but towards International Law through Sea Law. And consecutively, it is not an attempt of a future negotiation. Turkey must adapt for its own development as a state that wants to be considered seriously by others. If its movement is just a stratagem it will expose itself. Therefore, our position is simple. We should welcome this effort because its implementation facilitates our interstate relations. But also in this case we should not forget the general EEZ issue. The lifting of the Casus belli at best, is not a final outcome but an intermediary towards the establishment of the EEZ, as it is proven by the topostrategic application of the Voronoi diagrams and the Delaunay triangulation. There is therefore no context for a choice of inertia. Let this mobility be turned into a movement that is not of a Brown type and we will study its evolution. It is the right timing, let us exploit therefore this field, to transform it into a field of action, to leave this framework which only accepts two players and to effectively activate the European framework.