6417 - A book about the little princes

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

– What kind of man would want to write a book about the little princes?
– Nobody! Only a monster could…
– A monster?
– Or an aviator?
– Who knows?
– They do!
– And us?
– We have to pick up flowers from the garden…
– But we don’t have a garden!
– We have a kind heart though!
– A huge heart!
– For whom?
– For the little princes!
– But they are so many!
– And so unhappy…
– The master does not believe in…
– Yes, yes I know…
– And what are going to do now?
– We will think!
– Again!
– What else to do?
– There you have it!
– We will think about the flowers and their mythology.
– The same book.
– No the other one.
– The one they haven’t written yet?
– Of course, which else?
– Right, which else!
– Perhaps tell it to our friend the poet too?
– The one who is on the island with the painting?
– Yes, that one!
– But nobody will understand the reference.
– Unless they were reading Kazantzakis.
– You are right.
– So you thought about it?
– The park of the golden head.
– How nice.
– The two trees are also there.
– The two friends!
– Whom they don’t wait for anyone anymore…
– Except time, in order to meet.
– So there.
– Probably there…
– What thing?
– There it will be written…
– Which thing?
– The book about the little princes…
– Antoine will be glad too!