6479 - Favorite game

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

“We placed a pit over three others in a tripod fashion.
And, in a given distance, we tried to knock down this construction
by throwing another pit.
The one who succeeded picked up the four pits.
If he missed his target, his pit would belong to the holder of the pile.”
This description by Camus
in the first man
could not miss addressing
the little blackfeet of the past
who had played over and over
a game of apricot pits,
not to forget their misery,
not to adapt to it,
but to live with it,
like the shadow and the light.
Refusing to forget even the details,
Albert retraces on paper
pure from any history,
the recitals of a childhood
that wanted to live despite the absurd
despite the absence of name.