7085 - The EEZ as a strategic advantage

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

The rational analysis of the EEZ issue objectively highlights that it constitutes a strategic advantage. Whether we want it or not, this is henceforth a fact. We can of course hide it from ourselves but this does not mean that it does not exist. We can also not pay adequate attention to it, however this will not apply to our opponents. In a way, we must accept that the EEZ notion is important irrespectively from the political framework since we are not the sole player, in consequence, this independence if it is not integrated in an allied field of action it will remain a framework where other players will play against us. And the reason is simple: geostrategicaly and topostrategicaly the Greek EEZ is of a great importance, not only to us and furthermore to the entire European Union, but also to our opponents who prefer that we don’t even enact and that we don’t collaborate on interstate agreements, since this inertia will offer them even greater possibilities of movements in a framework which will be free. The non-realization of this mental schema will create against us grave problems with repercussions for the future that we can predict with difficulty given the facts of today. So the change of phase will be such. Therefore if we insist in this inertia of thought and of adequate decisions, our adversaries will very simply remind us of them without any hesitation since they know very well the advantages and the possibilities that the Greek EEZ offers. The capacity of the EEZ with its 200NM in offering the possibility of transforming remote islands into attractors with a big basin of attraction is not irrelevant with the issue. Because what we usually consider as a weak element, it is converted in this way into a control basis of a greater area, which has the capacity to expand our space of action, without having the same problems of the 12NM notion. This great change of phase in the consideration of facts of the Aegean Sea, including Castelorizo and Gavdos, is of the outmost importance. The issue is not to simply exploit an opportunity, as most of us believe, but to actually solidify our position in a robust basis. Thus, bearing pressure for this issue is not only expected but necessary since only the notion of covering leads to interstate agreements which highlight constant points, which are located at a greater distance from the borders in their conventional sense. All this is not a utopia, since the paradigm of Cyprus has proved that they stand and are rational even in a crisis situation. Our real enemy is nothing but a form of a defeatism that leads us into not believing in our capabilities and possibilities. All the rest are minor details. It is important therefore to free ourselves from our phobias that paralyze our thoughts and do not allow our strategic action to take place.