724 - The matter regarding the German reparations is not closed

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

As the Panhellenic Union of Repatriated Refugees wrote, the issue of German reparations is not closed . While the resolution of the Court of Areios Pagos for the atrocities of the German occupation troops was positive both on the legal and ethical aspect , the Supreme Court overruled. But this is normal since it concerns state relations at the state level . Rarelly individual issues are resolved at this level and the aggrieved should not de in despair . The reason that the European Court of Human Rights was founded is just that , namely, to ensure individual rights even at a state level .
The strategy to be followed by the inhabitants of the tragic villages , resistance organizations and every single citizen solely, is the unification of the issue and the aplication of collective actions against Germany by the ECHR , just as it happened with the institution “Altruism ” for Cyprus and especially the occupied areas, against Turkey . The time difference does not matter as there are similar cases also with Australia that resulted positively even 200 years after the invasion . The organizations should establish a committee or a specific institution and make a contract with lawyers so that the massification of the cases would strengthen the whole issue regarding the German reparations . The procedure is relatively simple and infact effective , especially with a country that belongs to the European Union . Also, every case remains independent ,but when it’s finally accepted by the ECHR , there is no longer a state system that can stop it . The case thereafter is European. In this case , things are even simpler than the case of Cyprus, as Germany was not a guarantor for Greece . So the case of appeal is completely integrated into the structure articles of Human Rights. We believe that the power of the oppressed people, when in conjunction with the strategy we stated could write a new page in its history , and it’s future. Because the action regards everyone .Because you don’t appeal just for you , but also for your family and for your country . As a refugee you exist only when you claim.