72720 - The beautiful view

Ν. Λυγερός

If you don’t want to miss a thing
you have to see
the Belvedere Castle.
This is a task.
But also an inspiration of the past
and a preparation for the future.
There you can discover
another spirit.
Now I see the Castle of Time.
After one century.
But the vision is still in place.
In the Castle, every room is a piece of Time.
And each vision is a gift, a life kiss for
your soul if you’re able to follow my thoughts.
I’m in now.
Like the previous time.
It’s not a performance but a duty.
I’m not trying to remember the past
it’s in me.
I’m not trying to forecast the future
it’s in me.
If you live in my world
just open your eyes
and you will understand
that everything is possible
if you decide to make it.
The entrance is always open.
Nobody is excluded.
It’s a part of Mankind
and you are East of Eden
even if this seems impossible.
But it’s only because it’s invisible.
You are with alive, dead and unborn people
because you are with me.
Keep this in mind.