72734 - Until the victory

Ν. Λυγερός

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Ukraine can live without Russia. This is the fact. No reason can force Ukraine to be a slave. This is a country from Europe. That’s why it’s impossible for us to let Russia continue its genocide against Ukrainian Nation. The heroism of the Ukrainian Army deserves to be helped in a heavy way. Our position now is not only the necessity to protect innocent people but also to defeat the barbarity of the Russian Forces. To do this we need to give more. Ukraine is now fighting for the whole Europe and not only for itself. European people have to help Ukrainian people because Ukraine is Europe. The battle of Kyiv is already a victory of Ukraine and Europe but we need more for both. Russia is already threatening Moldavia, Sweden and Finland which is unacceptable. We don’t care if the Kremlin is still living in the kind of soviet past. The reality has changed, and the Cold War was a victory. But if we have to do the same thing once again, we will do it with all our forces because it’s the struggle of Mankind against barbarity, nothing less.