72946 - Transcription – Podcast #27 Real state of the art of the Ukrainian struggle

Ν. Λυγερός

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Some facts about the Russian forces’ attacks especially in Mariupolis. In fact, they have decided to say that the problem is finished, we fixed it and they tried to convince us that there is no more problem in this region and in this area especially in Mariupolis. In fact, we know that this is not the case we still have Ukrainian soldiers there. They are going to continue to be there but also fight against Russian Forces. In reality, I think that the Russian Forces have estimated that they will take high casualties if they resume major ground assaults in the plant. So the reality is very easy, I think that Russians have a goal, only one goal for the moment, May 9th. This is of course a self-imposed deadline but it’s not sufficient to get a result, a positive result in Mariupolis, so they have to decide to do something else. That’s why they have this kind of declaration even by Putin. The problem is rather different than other areas, I think they are going to complete, accelerate efforts to secure Mariupol for this reason, they don’t want to lose something at the end of the process. By the way, they are trying right now, also with the problem of Transnistria, they are say that we have many anti-Russian sentiments and also anti-Ukrainian sentiments but in Moldova there is a problem. I think that in reality it’s only a false flag attack. The reality of the army there, of the Transnistrian forces, are totally insufficient to do something in this invasion but I think the idea is to say that there are many peoples that want to be with us, I mean the Russians, and we have to save them from the others. Of course, it is a joke, of course it’s propaganda but for those who don’t know anything about the problem they can be convinced that there is a reality in that. So we have two things, the problem with Transnistria is not a problem. The problem with Mariupol is a problem. So between these two targets we have something different, I think it’s the third phase of this invasion. They’re trying to take not only Donetsk and Luhansk maybe they’ll go to Zaporizhia . They have to solve some problem and fix some of them in Kherson, also to get all this area because in fact we already have Ukrainian counter attacks in this area and maybe the idea of the Russian Forces is to prepare new attacks, new counter-attacks to get also a contact and a link especially with Mykolaiv because the idea at the high level they can control all the sea area. For the moment it seems almost impossible. But never mind, this is a target, they are talking about that, maybe before chosen date but I think we should concentrate and focus our mind in another area very close to Donetsk because for them it’s impossible to avoid some towns, if you want to say that ‘I control Donbass’. So this is a real problem. So the others are only details for the moment. Of course we have to use these and exploit them to counter-attack this propaganda but the reality is to avoid the link between the two areas. I mean one of the areas is closer to Luhansk the other one to Donetsk and Mariupol of course and at the end to avoid another bridge, in military terms, with Zaporizhia because it will in fact be a small solution, small but a solution for Russian Forces to say we control all this area, we now want to finish the whole process, so we have a win but in reality it’s only a defeat. So the first defeat was the battle of Kyiv now we have a problem at this level and the other problem we see it because they made some attacks against some specific targets which are in fact the railway. So what do they want? They want to disturb and maybe to disrupt the Ukrainian reinforcements from Western-aid shipments and I think this is important to see that in this invasion in the first idea was one which belonged to grand strategy, We want to control all area of Ukraine. Now, we have a problem at the tactical level and right now we are speaking just about logistics. So, they see that there is a problem because with the support of Europe and especially with United States of America, they cannot win really. So, they just have to say it and to convince their guys. But the reality is different. That’s why I’m thinking that we have to reinforce Ukrainian forces with weapons. I think that the US is doing a very good job for the moment. Maybe we should do some more efficient contacts but at the end of the process we want to see that this invasion is a defeat for Russia. Russia is in fact a fake power and the proof belongs to the Ukrainian people. So, what we can say right now is that we have three axes. We can use them, one of them is Kharkiv the other one is Kyiv and the other one is the southern axis. I think the latter has been a problem until now but we can do it. So, the victory is not just a probability it is in fact a vision for our strategy in Ukraine and we have to fix some problem and set up some basis about that to restart the whole process. We are not at this level just in a phase of resistance, there is already a counter-attack and we have to finish the third phase of the Russian attacks because they don’t have nothing more to do than this in this area. So, it’s possible, not only to resist but also to win and now we have to transform this possibility into reality.