735 - The special child

N. Lygeros
Translation: Paola Vagioni

I feel alone.
They never leave me alone.
I do not understand them.
Nobody understands me.
The house is a prison.
They don’t want the others to see me.
I do not know who are the others.
They say I am different.
They are all the same.
Here everything is the same.
Every day is the same day.
I only live the same day.
It is for my own good, they say.
But how can this be good?
I want to see the others…
I want to know what the world is.
I want to live before I die.
I do not know how to write!
Yet I think.
I do not know how to read!
Yet I think.
I exist!
They say I have special needs.
But I only see the need.
They say I do not feel the pain.
They do not feel my pain.
They do not want to give me a hammer so that I don’t get hurt.
And they nailed me in here.
I want to be set free even if I stay alone.
This is what I want.