73930 - The starting point

Ν. Λυγερός

– Can I play something for you?
– It’s very kind of you.
– Something special?
-I really don’t know what to choose.
-Ok, it’s fine for me. I’ll play freely and you can stop me when…
– I wouldn’t.
– Please, feel free to do  it. It’s my pleasure.
– Can I ask something?
– What you want…
– Can I choose the instrument?
– Of course! Just…
– Just?
– Just choose one of those I mastered.
– Don’t worry about that.
– So?
-Take your mandolin in this case…
– Alright.
He took his mandolin and started to play some songs of Old-time music. This was totally new for her. She was impressed because it was a new world for her heart. He finished this first try with music of the Louisiana Cajuns.