73931 - The next step

Ν. Λυγερός

– I didn’t know this American tradition.
– I think it’s important to know it if you want to understand more deeply the behavior of some people.
– Really? Are you kidding.
– Not at all!
– In which way.
– Everything seems to be very superficial if you stay at the level of the present.
– What do you mean?
– With the past, the present becomes a gift without it, it’s only small data.
– Small data? I knew only big data.
– The first ones are correlated to societies.
– Due to the low input.
– Exactly. For example for you, Liza, it’s only a name.
– Sure!
– But if you listen to the song Old Liza Jane…
– There is a song with this name?
– This one represents one of the quirky things about old-time music.
– I see… This is incredible.
– But true…
– Can you play it one more time?
– As many as you want if your opinion about tradition has changed.