73932 - D tunes

Ν. Lygeros

– Old Liza Jane is a good example of D tune.
– What do you mean exactly?
– It’s a tune in the key of D. That’s why you need to know D Major scale.
– Why is it so important?
– You can play also Mozart with this scale…
– Wow! Can you play something!
– The Canzonetta: “ Deh vieni alla finestra “.
– Oh come on, you’re going to play Don Giovanni.
– For your pleasure.
– I’m listening.
He played the Allegretto…
– This is beautiful.
– It’s the same scale: D major scale.
– So there is a bridge.
– Made by the mandolin…
– Why that?
– The third sting of the mandolin is D. So for that instrument the D Major scale is very natural.
– Can you show this more specifically?
– Let’s see it together.
He played the D Major scale and showed the position of the whole steps and the two half steps.
– It’s magical…