73998 - The strange link

Ν. Λυγερός

– Do you have a guitar?
– A classical one.
– Can you play it as a miniature orchestra in itself?
– This is a reference to Beethoven…
– Oh, you knew it.
– So you want something more classical now.
– Is it possible?
– I can walk along the strings…
-Yes, please.
– Would you like Albéniz?
– Nice idea. I love how he influenced Debussy and Ravel.
– You mean with his harmonic language?
– Indeed…
His guitar was a Spanish one… So he used it in this way to create a strange link with the previous pieces. She was surprised. It was unexpected for her.
– Oh, my God… So it’s possible to play like this.
– Because you wanted to…
– Thanks again for this travel.
– My pleasure.