74019 - Duality

Ν. Lygeros

-Don’t press too hard! Take it easy…
– Alright…
-Your strength and accuracy will be developed in a short time.
-It reminds me of something.
-You’re right. I see what you mean.
-Oh, I thought it was a mistake.
-Not at all. This is also an instrument.
-I got it.
-So try it again.
-Like this?
-There is no need for physical pain when learning your instruments.
-I love this idea.
-The important thing is to practice every day.
-I understood it.
-Well done. By the way it’s useful also for your idea.
-You’re kidding.
-Of course not. This is a very important point for the pleasure.
-In music?
-In your life.
-Music is like life?
-Almost. But life is not always music.
-Only in Mankind.