74066 - Love mode

Ν. Λυγερός

He was alone in the darkness.
And it was impossible for light to live.
This fact was known to everyone.
But nobody wanted to make any sacrifice.
But he had to protect her.
And only light was able to do it.
So he decided to use his soul to turn the light on.
This was the starting point of love mode.
The power of love was impressive.
It was bigger than life
because it wasn’t afraid of death.
In his mind, Mankind was not only alive beings but also dead and unborn.
No fears in his thought.
His soul will give all the necessary energy to create light.
No fire, only light.
One sacrifice for her.
Her protection was his duty.
He was so in love with her

that he decided for her

to go beyond the limits
to stop destiny
for her rebirth after the end.