74142 - The dove and the hawk

Ν. Λυγερός

Before your mission in Cyprus
it was impossible to imagine
that the dove and the hawk
were in fact the same person of interest.
But there, this unbelievable idea became so obvious that you were impressed by the lack of this strategic history.
The dove was so kind with you.
The hawk was so tough with enemies.
that it was hard to think about their possible relation.
But due to the deep mind
you started to understand
the secret of victory.
When you met her, she was already close to the survivor. But at that time you thought that he was only a leader.
But the difference made the difference.
With time you found a new idea.
The chameleon was not a master of your time. He was there from the beginning.
And maybe even before.
You got it.
He has been always there. The hawk told you about this but you had to wait for the dove to understand it.