74143 - The avalanche of love

Ν. Λυγερός

It was so strange for you to feel
the avalanche of love
that you denied its existence.
But in Cyprus everything was different.
And totally beyond your imagination.
Even your steps were fragile.
The impact of the mission was so great
that you had to change your mentation.
The whole spirit of the mission was
bigger than your life.
You were full of love
without any compromising.
It was a shock for you, but you did it!
The plasticity of your brain helped you
to enter in a new universe.
You were for the first time of your life
at the right place just in front of the
sea to prepare the future.
Because you were able to participate
actively to the realization of the next time.
After that your soul started to dance
because you felt on your body the touch
of light and was an illumination for you.