74903 - The gifted sign

N. Lygeros

Even if it’s impossible to share this feeling of loneliness in Mankind, I will try to explain it in simple words, just to be clear with the others. The starting point is always the same. Everything is different. Nothing is the same. Even the similarities are artificial. The brain is not an organ like the others. There is no comparison. That’s why it is so difficult to understand the difference. The second point is easy but at the same time strange. The impact of Mankind is total. No obstruction from society is possible. The gifted sign is related with Time. It concerns the life of the deep mind. More precisely the death before the birth. Everything looks like an idea from dead people to the unborn. So it’s natural to be alone if you have them in mind and not only the alive. You are in fact an invisible and mental bridge between them. This explains the sense of together because nobody is next to you.