74904 - The half life

N. Lygeros

It’s maybe impossible to imagine a life beginning only at the end of one thousand years. But it’s possible to live it with a rather natural way. You look like the others, but nobody is like you. So you can see what the others are looking for all their existence. There is no existence for you, only life and this one is from the start dedicated to Mankind. This need implies that your ontology is only teleology. In this half life you have to do everything without waiting anything. Because if you don’t do it, nobody will. This deep love implies a monstrous offer. You don’t have any gift because you don’t have anything except your own life. So you give what you are nothing less, nothing more. That’s why you are gifted. This simple reason explains that you ‘re a gift from Time to Mankind. And you have to accept it as the only mission of your life.