74906 - Way down we go

Ν. Λυγερός

Way down we go to find all the people who need our help. That’s why we  have to be deep and not only sharp. We save innocent people and we have no time to waste with details. Our beauty is heavy and this makes it difficult for the light. But the crucial point is that we are able to fight and win barbarity. So if you see us at any level of your life be careful. We are not here to accept all the things you want but to give you all the graces you need. So ask what you need and only this. Don’t mind if we give you always more. Don’t be upset by our generosity. It’s our nature and we are invariant. Nothing and no one can change us. We are not perfectible because we are living after the end. Our moves have to be good enough to be absorbed by the perfection of Time. There is no other way to contribute to the memory of future.