74933 - The legendary decision

Ν. Λυγερός

He never accepted injustice.
From the beginning. I mean of course the end.
So he started from the deep past.
History needed not only an update but also to be upgraded…
Many of its parts had been erased
by the attacks of barbarity.
It was not corrections but reconstruction.
He had been implemented for this purpose.
As a gift of Time to Mankind.
That’s why he was ready at his birth.
No need of armor.
No need of weapons.
He was a shield for the innocents
and a weapon for the others.
He wasn’t a fighter but a warrior.
And the difference made the difference.
His existence in the war of Mankind against barbarity was a necessity.
The legendary decision changes the rules.
Everything was possible. It was just a question of willingness.