75017 - Duduk memory

N. Lygeros

The Master was waiting for the Disciple. His two duduks were ready for the fight of memory against oblivion. To master the instrument was not enough for Mankind. His Armenian Disciple has to learn his past and this was possible with this lesson. Even the day was symbolic as it was the Independent Day in America. It was like a new blend of different times. He has a classical duduk in C and an extended one in A. His Disciple opened the window. The time of innocence was over. The Master started with the breathing and the double reed. It wasn’t easy for the Disciple to find a way to produce a sound. But it was impossible to stop the lesson. He insisted on the use of the duduk mouthpiece. It was only the first step of the circular breathing technique. He showed also the positions of the fingers and the body to prepare the Disciple for the future and the duduk memory.