75020 - Human power

Ν. Λυγερός

At the beginning it’s impossible to imagine the human power. You need not only information but also knowledge because its reality is far beyond the imagination. The power is not soft. Its foundation is plasticity. And that’s why everything is possible when you realize it. The sky is the only limit for the mind. But when this mind belongs to a chameleon i.e. a brainmaster, nothing can be the same after his work. He creates the difference between the past and the future with the bridge of Time to support the network of Mankind. This human power was incredible because its nature was outside of any society. None of them was able to restrict it in any way. It was unstoppable. No use trying to imagine it. You simply have to follow it even if it seems impossible at the first glance. Its opening creates more than a world. And your immersion will change your life.