75036 - The respect of details

N. Lygeros

The starting point in human relations is the respect of details. After all for Mankind we are only details at least at the beginning.
Details are important.
Details can produce frictions in the relations.
In this sense, they are indices.
Use them to avoid frictions and to solve problems.
Each detail can be a source of light.
A detail  maybe the proof of the existence of one singularity which characterizes the dynamics. And a singularity can change everything.
Respect the details to respect people.
Because one detail for you
can have a lot of importance for the others.
With that point of view, a detail is relevant.
And remember that what you think
as an important thought
is maybe a detail for the others.
Don’t reject so quickly details.
Some of them can help you
to understand in a deeper way
the human relations.
Details are stones. And only stones can make dragons.