75038 - Essential life

Ν. Λυγερός

When you waste time, it’s always a cost for the essential life. Under the pressure of society, you make a lot of things which are already useful but none of them is essential. You can’t find the essence of life in existence. It’s too restricted as a framework. That’s why you need something bigger than life to discover its essence.
The essence will always leave a trace i.e. a proof of life.
In this sense you are someone who gives his Work to others and maybe directly to Mankind.
The path of light uses these traces.
In history, the only thing which remains is the acts of essential life.
It’s not only about facts
but events.
Events with a duration.
Events as parts of Time.
Your traces can be important or not but the point is always the same. Are they essential to become a part of the history of Mankind?