75226 - No pain

N. Lygeros

I feel no pain.
I’m alone with Mankind…
And this is sufficient
for this no ordinary love.
So don’t worry about me.
I do not need your society.
Feel no pain too.
We are free to do what we want.
You want to live but in reality you just exist.
I want to die for Mankind
so it’s difficult for you to understand
my position and my options.
You want to be happy but you just follow the mass.
I want to see your joy.
It’s the only way to have metajoy.
But you prefer the easy way
and I don’t want to be followed.
I do what I have to do.
I’m not asking you to do the same.
You need the kiss of life.
But I’m a soldier of love.
The love of Mankind.
Nothing less.
And now you know it.