75227 - The kiss of love

N. Lygeros

You know every part of my body
but you don’t understand my mind.
You say that it is too deep for you.
But I have no other option…
You’re afraid because you see only the ocean.
You forget that the ocean touches every shore.
There is no obstacle.
You feel the sea in you
but the ocean is too big.
Because you don’t see that we are the same.
We’re made from the same essence.
That’s why you waste time to find
what is next to you.
I spend time to give sense to our relation.
It’s the only way to create a link.
I‘ll give you all the essence you need
for your metamorphose.
I’m yours, you’re mine.
This is not just a choice
but a necessity.
When you drink my essence
you take a part of me
but you don’t realise it.
Even if I’m already in you.